Deep-Pile Textile Floor Mats Rear, Black

Deep-Pile Textile Floor Mats Rear, Black


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Deep-pile textile floor mats for rear, black
Made from hard-wearing, high quality velour, these floor mats, with a pile depth of 17 mm and a high surface weight, are tailored to match and provide a special ambience in the vehicle. For Audi A8 LWB.
General information:
* Caution: there are no compatible front floor mats for these rear floor mats for LHD models!
Only for:
Fastening type : 2-point fastening
Colour : Soul
Contents :1 set = 2 items
Type of mat : Rear
Edging colour : Soul
Upper material : Luxury velour
Model Usage:
  • A8 LWB (D5) (2018 - 2021) 
  • A8 LWB (D5-PA) (Since 2022)  
  • A8 LWB TFSI e (D5) (2020 - 2021) 
  • A8 LWB TFSI e (D5-PA) (Since 2022)
  • S8 LWB (D5) (2019 - 2021) 
  • S8 LWB (D5-PA) (Since 2022)  
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