Audi Q5 Loading Sill Protective Sheet, Transparent

Audi Q5 Loading Sill Protective Sheet, Transparent


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Convincing load sill protection made from transparent film.

Protects the bumper from damage and scratches when loading and unloading the luggage compartment. The crystal-clear adhesive film retains the paint's brilliance without altering the lines of the vehicle. It is flexible, pliable, durable and UV-resistant. The robust and virtually invisible paintwork protective film is safe for use in car washes as well as with high-pressure cleaners.

Items supplied:

  • Film
  • Fitting material
  • Fitting Instructions

Note: installation by qualified personnel/specialist workshop is recommended

For Model:

  • Q5 (since 2021)
  • Q5 (2017-2020)
  • Q5 TFSI e (since 2021)
  • Q5 TFSI e (2019-2020)
  • SQ5 (since 2021)
  • SQ5 (2017-2020)
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