Luggage compartment tray for new type Q3

Luggage compartment tray for new type Q3


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Luggage compartment tray For new type Q3
Tailored protection for your luggage compartment, washable and robust. The edge provides improved protection against escaping fluids and dirt.

  • The luggage compartment pan was designed for use in the lowest load floor position. It can also be used when the load floor is in the middle or highest position (with longitudinal play). With 0K3 and 0K4: Only usable in the highest load floor position (fitting exactness restricted).

General information:
  • The lowest load area floor position is only usable on models with no spare wheel and with minimum tool package.

Not for:
  • Highest load area floor position

Only for:
  • Lowest and middle load area floor position

Model Usage:
  • Q3 (Since 2019 )
  • Q3 Sportback (Since 2020)  
  • Q3 Sportback TFSI e (Since 2021) 
  • Q3 TFSI e (Since 2021 ) 
  • RSQ3 (Since 2020)   
  • RSQ3 Sportback (Since 2020 ) 
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